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My 1st Icon Tutorial

This is my 1st tutorial so it might be kind of confusing.
I'm going from to

1. First, I'm going to take this image which is from I'm going to crop it into a 100 x 100 image.
Now, I have something like this:

2. Then, I apply the following gradients:

Color: 30%

Lighten: 80%

Overlay: 70%

Screen: 80%

Now I have this:

3. Then, go to Layer >> Flaten Image.

4. I added some quick brushes here and there. Then I go to Filter >> Sharpen. Now, I have something like this:

5. Now, I type "What?" using Arial size 18. I highlighted the bottom part that I wanted cut off. Then I look the eraser and erased it.

6. Then, I made a new Layer. I highlight a little portion underneath the letters. Then I apply a gradinet with 2D3554 and ffffff. The white should be near the end of the "?".

7. Set the layer at Soft Light >> 30%.

Now I have this:

8. Finally, I add this border

and set it to Multiply

Then you're done!

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